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Computer Training Reading PA

Computer Training in Reading, PA starting at just $60/hr

Affordable computer training in Reading PA by Amorca at a low hourly rate of just $60/hr. We know that using a computer can be very frustrating especially a brand new PC with a brand new operating system such as Windows 8.

You get used to a Windows Operating System, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You even got comfortable using Windows Vista (despite Vista's problems) but then you are introduced to Windows 8 new graphic user interface (GUI). We are still trying to understand why Microsoft decided not to offer a Windows 8 version for desktops and laptops?

Need Windows 8 Training? Call us now at 484.220.1888 and start your affordable computer training today!

Windows 8 Training - Get familiar with the new OS!

Microsoft has recently released their new Windows 8 operating system for personal and business use (released for desktops, laptops and tablets)  but, unfortunately, this new OS is not quite similar to the previous operating system, Windows 7, due to a brand new platform which will require some previous windows users to seek Windows 8 training.

Because of the new operating system platform, you know you have to get familiar with the new OS if you plan to move to the new Windows 8 which might require  computer training

Some windows users might stick to the old and trusted Windows 7 operating system while others might believe just upgrade to Windows 8 or get a brand new PC with the new OS already pre-installed. No matter which path you take to move to Windows 8, you might still need some computer training to get familiar with the new OS but where do you go to get that computer training for the new OS you desperately need?

Amorca's Computer Training to the Rescue!

Some computer users might consider purchasing a software or a book to learn about the new Windows 8 operating system while others would actually prefer dealing with a real person for their computer training needs. Some will tell you 'who needs a software, like video professor, when you can get a real person sitting next to you showing you the ropes and answering your questions, on the spot, about the new operating system?'.

Whether you need Basic, Intermediate or Advanced computer skills, Amorca is here to help.

Get Personal Computer Professor in Reading PA

At Amorca, we realize the importance of feeling confident when you are in front of your desktop or laptop computer. We also knows that you cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars to go to a computer technical school and spend thousands of dollars just to learn the new OS.

With Amorca as your Personal Computer Trainer, know that it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg!

One-on one Computer Tutoring or In-group Computer Classes are the two computer training services offered at Amorca! We will work with you and spend as much time with you as needed to teach you how to use the latest Microsoft operating system, and enable you to gain that confidence you had with the previous OS, once again.

With Amorca, you will not only surf the Internet, using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, but you will be using the new Windows 8 comfortably, safely and securely.

What does our computer training service include?

Our computer training service include but is not limited to the following:

  • Hooking-up of a new computer system,
  • Setting up (configuration) a new desktop or laptop computer,
  • How to use Windows 8,
  • How to install a new program in Windows 8,
  • How to setup your favorite email client such as Outlook Express, Outlook 2010, Mozilla Firebird, etc...,
  • How to surf the Internet, using your favorite browser, safely and securely,
  • How to setup and configure peripherals such as a local or network printer, scanner, etc...,
  • What to do when your computer freezes or locks up,
  • and much more - Read more about what is included in our Computer Training Service
  • Computer Learning Made Easy & Simple!

At Amorca, can take you from beginning to end and put you in the driver's seat of your computer. We will make learning process easy and simple because we will use easy-to-understand terms to explain each task.

With Amorca by your side, you will learn how to better use your desktop or laptop computer using the new Windows 8, whether for personal or business use, to get the tasks accomplished.

What are you waiting for? Call Amorca today, at 484-220-1888, to schedule a One-on one meeting, with one of our professional computer instructor, to discuss your computer training in Reading, PA needs.


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Computer Training in Reading PA Starting at just $60/hour


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