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Google-Yahoo-Bing-SEO-by-Amorca-Computer-and-Web-Solutions.jpgSEO - Search Engine Optimization is a must for any business (small or large) that offers services or sales products customers are looking for Online! Some might tell you that SEO - search engine optimization is just a hype and others will argue that it is paramount that you think of SEO as being an important tool to getting your site highly ranked with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO - What is it?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and is the process of optimizing, using organic SEO techniques, your website as a whole and not just some pages. Properly using search engine optimization, like "White Hat SEO" instead of "Black Hat SEO", you will not only be getting high traffic to your site but also high click through and lead conversion (Sales).


If you do a search, using your favorite search engine, and insert the keyword, or key phrase 'seo companies' in your area, you will be overwhelmed with the result with a plethora of SEO firms offering affordable search engine optimization services. Selecting the right search engine marketing company that will meet your business requirement and budget is not just a matter of selecting the one offering the lowest price for their SEO service but you have to look at company qualification in every aspect of search engine optimization.

Why select SimplerWebs for for your SEO campaign?

Why select SimplerWebs for your SEO campaign you asked?

  • We offer the most affordable SEO services in Reading PA in Reading PA, and nationwide
  • To save you money, we use "Organic Keywords" to attract free traffic (Organic Listing) vs PPC "Pay Per Click (Paid)"
  • We perform extensive "Keyword Research" and only use the right keywords/key phrases that will convert visitors to buyers; therefore, increase your sales
  • We do not claim nor guarantee high search engine ranking and increased sales within a month - Only GOD can guarantee you that
  • We help you select the best hosting service provider that will boost your efforts to promote your website
  • We optimize your site for SEO while focusing on your customers and not just search engines
  • We employ "White Hat SEO" and use "Ethical SEO" techniques, which tends to produce results that last longer, to achieve a highly ranked and optimized website
  • We are totally against the use of "Black Hat SEO" or "spamdexing", which will eventually get your site banned" methods to achieve website optimization
  • We keep up with the ever changing "Search Engines Algorithm" and faithfully employ them to make sure that your site continues to be listed on top of the result "SERP" page
  • We examine the actual "Search Queries" and use the results to optimize much needed pages


D75 dollars off first month of SEO serviceO WE GUARANTEE TOP RANKING WITHIN A MONTH?

Like the old saying goes "Nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes". At SimplerWebs, we do not claim nor promise to get your website top ranking in 2, 3 or 6 weeks. It is just impossible if you plan to have your website stay at #1 on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for months or even years.

The faster your website gets to the top, the faster it will plunge back to the bottom (bottom of the pit, that is). We play our SEO cards right and we only use ethical and professional SEO tactics; therefore, with SimplerWebs, once you get to the top, you will stay on top of your competitors provided you continue with your SEO campaign efforts because if you do stop your SEO campaign once you've reached your ultimate SEO goal, which is having a highly ranked website with strong lead conversion, you will go back to the bottom.

Not all SEO companies are equal

BEWARE of SEO companies that contact you and use the catchphrase "We Guarantee High Search Engine Ranking and Traffic to your website". Those SEO companies should be avoided at all cost because we know that professional and reputed SEO companies cannot and will never (nor should) guarantee you "High Search Engines Ranking". Only GOD can guarantee you that!


Not sure where to start with your SEO - Search Engine Optimization Campaign? then give SimplerWebs a call at 484.220.1888 and one of our search engine optimization experts will discuss and explain to you every aspect of our various available SEO services and help you select the right SEO package that will not only meet your business needs but will also stay within your search engine marketing budget you have set. Contact SimplerWebs, at 484.220.1888, for your next search engine optimization campaign.

Search Engine Optimization with high lead conversion for your business is our goal not just yours!

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